About CFO

John Q looks forward to helping your business grow and flourish like he is doing for so many others in the Atlanta community and throughout the country.

John Quattrocchi, CPA is the owner of Corporate Financial Options LLC (CFO LLC), a bookkeeping, tax, accounting and financial management. His Full Service work, from data entry to CFO level work, eliminates these burdens from the business owners and provides, better, faster, and more useful financial information.

John Q, a he is known by his clients, began his lifelong work assisting business owners immediately upon his graduation with an Accounting degree from Emory University. Working in the small business section of public accounting, John Q has assisted hundreds of business owners in understanding their businesses by providing accurate financial information with the tools and guidance to understand and use the information to better manage their enterprise.

In his years in business, John Q has learned that some business owners operate at a handicap, because they have insufficient, incomplete and inaccurate financial information. He decided to create a fix. He devised a system that provides information in a manner that corrects operating inefficiencies, poor cash flow management and lower return on investment.

We want to create and use Information to Help you: Get Better at what you do, Smarter at how you do it and Richer for having done it!