Proof of Concept

Initial Consultation with Proof of Concept

This service is a detailed investigation of the concepts and financial model of a multi-unit operator and a feasibility study of the creation of such an operation. Your reason for buying a franchise is the opportunity that it creates to enjoy a standard of living and to reach financial goals in a manner that puts you in control. It is all a hope and a dream unless you quantify these goals. I will create a matrix combining your available capital, with your expected return on investment, cash flow and desired income to create a timeline and a success formula.

This involves:
  • An evaluation of your investment and capital requirements as they relate to the financial goals you wish to achieve.
  • A review of your chosen concepts as it relates to your capital outlay and your ultimate return on investment.
  • The creation of a “Financial Critical Path”, that will demonstrate to you how long it will take to reach your financial goals given investment, loans, cash flow and after tax profit.
  • 1 year plans, 5 year plans and succession planning are all considered, evaluated and quantified.
  • Real time progress reports that relate the initial plan to actual operations.
To review, we will evaluate what you wish to achieve financially from becoming a multi-unit owner, what your financial resources are and a realistic expectation on how long it will take you to create an operation that can achieve what you wish to achieve.
You can expect a statement similar to this:
“To reach your goal of $700,000 in annual income, you will need 6 locations and it will take 5 years to have cash flow and financing to open those 6 locations.”

In order to make your dream of business ownership a realtiy, we need to understand the timeline and financial commitment.


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