Proof of Concept

Initial Consultation with Proof of Concept

This service is a detailed investigation of the concepts and financial model of a multi-unit operator and a feasibility study of the creation of such an operation. Your reason for buying a franchise is the opportunity that it creates to enjoy a standard of living and to reach financial goals in a manner that puts you in control. It is all a hope and a dream unless you quantify these goals. I will create a matrix combining your available capital, with your expected return on investment, cash flow and desired income to create a timeline and a success formula.

This involves:

To review, we will evaluate what you wish to achieve financially from becoming a multi-unit owner, what your financial resources are and a realistic expectation on how long it will take you to create an operation that can achieve what you wish to achieve.

You can expect a statement similar to this:

"To reach your goal of $700,000 in annual income, you will need 6 locations and it will take 5 years to have cash flow and financing to open those 6 locations.”

In order to make your dream of business ownership a realtiy, we need to understand the timeline and financial commitment.

  • An evaluation of your investment and capital requirements as they relate to the financial goals you wish to achieve.

  • A review of your chosen concepts as it relates to your capital outlay and your ultimate return on investment.

  • The creation of a “Financial Critical Path”, that will demonstrate to you how long it will take to reach your financial goals given investment, loans, cash flow and after tax profit.

  • 1 year plans, 5 year plans and succession planning are all considered, evaluated and quantified.

  • Real time progress reports that relate the initial plan to actual operations.

Initial Evaluation

From basic data entry to financial planning and everything in between, your franchise organization will have all the financial information to create, manage, expand and propser.

Food Service

Full Service

We understand the restaurant business. We will create, supply and manage the key numbers to ensure the success of your restaurant units.

End to end bookkeeping and accounting. We remove 100% of the bookkeeping and financial record keeping necessary to manage your business. You do what you do best, and we do what we do best.

We want to create and use Information to Help you: Get Better at what you do, Smarter at how you do it and Richer for having done it!